Andrew Cohen – Commissioned Portraiture

Again blessed with timing an incredible opportunity opened up seemingly out of now where.  In the midst of hasty, last minute grabs of staying on track through the nomadic transition of spring, my community of fellow evolutionaries invited me to photograph Andrew Cohen of EnlightenNext.  The timing was more then perfect and my final schedule actually and perfectly coincided with their schedule and last minute deadline.

Andrew is publishing a new book, Evolutionary Enlightenment, revamping his current teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment.  The organization, EnlightenNext, needed a new head shot for the book and just more current pictures in general as the group, business and movement evolves into even more of a global presence.

This was my first true commissioned work on such a notable and important figure of our time.  Even in the moment the realization that I was doing exactly as I have set out to do, intend, become and create was right in front of me.  The process unfolding in real time.  Finally, I was able to give something to this community, to engage on a deeper level then through a book, the web or a phone call.  There and in person.  There I was about to  photograph someone who is at the leading edge of culture and the creation of it’s future.

I must say I was very nervous.  I ended up shooting most of Andrew’s team in hopes of grabbing each and everyone of them in their best reflection.  And the best part was I was on their turf challenged with lighting, location and time issues.  Most now have something to update just about every profile they have online and off.  My pictures are now all over the place.

The final day of shooting was focused on Andrew at his office.  An office of sanctuary.  My guide and collaborating confidant, Amy, helped me find and secure three locations for shooting.  Once set up, it was just a matter of moving from one setting to the next with hopefully a memory of the settings for each.

I don’t think I’ve come across a group so committed.  Not a moment is wasted, the energy high and conversation one of real importance.   Anyone would be lucky to work in such an environment.  The true, authentic spirit of collaboration is an absolute joy to work within.  An environment that is non personal and mission oriented.  Simply amazing, a space of constant possibility.

Anything is possible.  Work towards something, get over yourself and the path will unfold.

A big thank you to Joel and Amy for all their support and smiles.

Below is a small sample of Andrew and the team that heads up the Magazine and Book section of what is………………………Enlighten Next.