Leslie McGurik – If Rocks Could Sing

Leslie McGurik is one amazing women.  Many have not heard her name.  I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with her, here her story and dive into years of work, products, ideas and stories.  I was lucky enough to catch up with her for a presentation on her work, especially “If Rocks Could Sing.”  The place was packed.  Recently her focus and work is making a huge impact on the U.S.  There is no end in sight for this women’s success of fun.

Leslie McGuirk is an internationally known writer and illustrator of bestselling children’s books.  Leslie is a gentle, fun, happy soul that has no bounds to her energy.  I thought I could keep up with anyone. Leslie is an outpouring of ideas, concepts and everything that is fun.  Leslie is one of those fascinating people who never grows up, meets everyone, is involved with everything and has fun doing it all.

Originally published in Japan, Leslie’s illustrations were made into over 800 products for the high-end department store Takashimaya.

Leslie’s designs have been featured on carpeting, fabric and wallpaper for Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. Her Tucker books for children have been a favourite of little ones and reviewers for over a decade.

Publishers Weekly said, “McGuirk’s ingenious characters and illustrations are filled with quirky comedy.”

Leslie has been nominated for the Children’s Choice Award, and was winner of the Platinum Oppenheim Award for the best DVDs of 2009. She has been featured in many national newspapers for best children’s book of the year.

Her latest book, Wiggens Learns His Manners, co-written with Alex Von Bidder, owner of the famous Four Seasons Restaurant, has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show, and in Town & Country Magazine and People.com

Leslie is an author-in-residence for Skyreader™ Media, a developer and publisher of children’s ebook apps for Apple® iPad® and other tablet devices.  Skyreader enables next generation storytelling for children and parents in all new and engaging ways through its exclusive content and technology.

Best wishes Leslie!