Metal Prints Rock The Color!

Yes, printing on metal is not only a reality it is nothing short of amazing.  Metal prints make a dramatic impact on any installation and surprisingly enough are very affordable.  The printing technology enables brilliant, time tested materials to pop color and keep it’s original state for many years.  The metal comes in four finishes to compliment just about any creative spark you might have a for a picture.  Just about any size is possible and the prints can get big, especially when splitting prints into multiple pieces.

I am currently working on a piece comprised of three 24X36’s making up one picture 3 feet X 6 feet.  Now that’s one big wall installation.  The process itself is fun as we make test prints and fine tune the finally print.

Below are 4×6″ samples to show finish.

If you have been thinking about acquiring one of my photos, now would be the time to get it and get it in metal.  I highly suggest something from 11X14 and up as these pieces stand out all their own, and comment below for 20% off.  You can check out many choices I offer on my products page.

The process of choosing, printing and finally ended up with a final installation is fun in itself as you are a direct part of the custom creation.


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