Owl Tattoo

Out of nowhere, Eric shows up to Skydive New England.  A well known Tattoo artist in the Boston area, Eric brings all the tools to go.

It was perfect timing. The weather had absolutely socked us in for over a week.  What amazed me most was not of his skill, talent or artistry, but the sheer amount of people who lined up to have very BIG pieces done.

Eric worked non-stop for over eight hours a pop.  Some pieces took three days or longer to complete.  Check out this owl tattoo he did.  Amazing.

This was done in memory of the young girls father who had passed away recently.

The bond between and human canvas and the artist is another part of the process that piqued my curiosity.  Makes sense a bond would grow.  After hours and hours and hours of setting ink into your skin and trusting the artist to do his best on this one time shot of art there is trust, commitment and labor of love in a process that lasts a lifetime.