Harry Parker Photograhy, Senior Portrait

Senior Portraits for New Hampshire & Maine

Harry Parker Photograhy, Senior PortraitI will be shooting in the New Hampshire and Maine area for the Months of September and October.    Check out all the info on my 2011 Senior Portraits page.

The fall here is amazing and I am willing to bet this Fall will be more colorful and brighter then ever!  This year saw a lot more rain then last and I am told that water will help the trees turn into brighter colors then last year.

The towns around here are more then picturesque.  From Portsmouth to Rochester the location shoots are unreal.  Kittery has some incredible beaches and bridges.  Way too many locations to choose from.

I am booking fast and leaving at the end of October for another crazy life adventure.  Book soon, tell your friends.

For the month of October I am accepting limited Model positions that include a bunch of free stuff. Check out the Model Offer for 2011.  Only a few slots available for your school.  includes custom cool photo cards for school.

There is also the opportunity to assist in shoots if you are interested in photography.  Assisting can make the entire shoot fun especially when you are working with your friends and you are both getting your shots done.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!